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Looking for new team for my husband and I

Hello I am looking for a very active alliance for my husband and I. We are both pretty active players, we play daily. I am a level 18 and my husband is a level 15. We both have discord. If you have openings for us please tell me a little about your alliance and the kind of expectations you have, Also what rank do yo normally get in alliance missions. We are looking for an alliance that get minimum tier 3 but preferably rank 4 alliance mission incubators. Looking for a team that likes to do friendly battles and likes to post easy dino requests in order to help other members get coins.

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Hi. Our alliance Tyrannosaurus Wrecks ON is looking for active members. We are quiet and friendly.
We are looking for people that do friendly battles, get the daily battle incubators and are willing to help out on the alliance missions that need it.
When people request DNA we do our best to help out. I think we usually average a tier 2 or 3 in the alliance missions due to not having enough members but are hoping to change that :slight_smile:

What’s your discord account? We hit 5/4 most of time, and have many couples in alliance too.

discord account is Alyssa1992

What’s the four digit tag?

sorry didn’t realize you needed that #4514

I sent u a friend request on discord

Sent you a PM. Would love to have you at Dinomite Fight Club