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Looking for partners

Hi everyone! I have come here to ask for help, we arent a new alliance but we don’t have many people to raid with, we try working everyday to get everyone their raids however it’s quite difficult, if anyone with high leveled or mediocre creatures could join in and help in raids it would be incredible, I’d like to add on and that we are not pushovers, me and my co-leaders have tried very hard to achieve these needed creatures, it’s just impossible without more time and- coins I guess. Plus we are only three mediocre players and only have one pro helping us at the moment which we feel bad for. The link to our discord is

It’s set up a little weird since I wanted to make sure no bad people would join, you’d have to go to rules first and click the white heart at the bottom, then you could give yourself roles however with the role that the heart gives you, you can talk in general and converse with us!

Morgan Murillo

Is my Facebook name, so if you’d like to send me a dm and help us that would be wonderful!

If you read this far thank you! We do have alliance spots open if you’d like and no matter what level you are even low leveled if your alliance isn’t giving you good raids come join us In discord, maybe not join our alliance but we’d love to get ya raids done!

I don’t know if you are interested in this but you can join our discord server we have a fair amount of mediocre-pro players and are always looking for more people to raid with :slight_smile:

I’m desperate for raid help. My current alliance went through a major overhaul and mostly newer players, which is ok, but I want to start collecting apex DNA. I have a few creatures that are ready for apex raids and am working on several others. I just joined and clicked the heart etc. what’s the best way to get going? Also, I’ve been having a terrible time with my iPhone 7 timing out with raid invites, so it may take several times for me to get in on a raid. Thanks so much!