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Looking for people to do apex raid

Hey im looking for people to do thiss raid strat i’ll be the sloth cause thats the only dino i have for this raid

For people wondering this is my profile

I really want to unlock an apex so to any who’s willing to help once the day comes I’d really appreciate it so yeah

You should join an alliance. It’s unlikely you will find many players to consistently carry you unless you contribute to weekly missions and alliance championships in an alliance.

I would be down to help but I don’t have a good dilorach or phos, sorry
I have Poukan lv30 max boosted, not sure if that could carry you through a mortem.

im in an alliance and im the best person in it the only reason i dont join another is cause my family and best friend is in it and i dont want to join another cause they probaly wouldn’t be able to join