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Looking for raid oriented alliance

Hi, me and my wife are looking for a north american based raiding alliance. We are both around lv 14 with most of the needed raiding Dino’s. We are active daily.

Our current alliance is active but most players are from Asia or Russia. Which makes it really hard to do raids. Timezone difference is the biggest factor.

We are contributors in every aspect of the game. We are just really tired of missing out on raids.

We are looking for an active alliance. Please leave a reply if your needing 2 active players

Hey Derek!

We have a spot or two open. I represent JWA Elite, we are super helpful in raids and if you have a lvl 15 irri we will help you beat pretty much all bosses including apex! You can read more about us here :

Contact me on discord if interested : lordofgamers2528(JWA Elite)#3067

I sent a friend request on discord. My tag is Soul Reaper