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Looking for ranked 5 alliance


My current alliance are all nice guys but they don’t take the game as hardcore as i do. I am not looking for a carry group or to sponge off a group. I pull my fair weight. I am attaching my dailies so people can judge. If i need to focus somewhere to get better and maybe get a new alliance just tell me what to focus on. Also if you want to add me as a friend i usually accept most friendly requests unless i still have time on my incubator.


My participation


More participation shot

March 7th. Etc you get the idea.

Still time on the clock but i forgot to collect that dna at the last minute so i missed out.


Forgot my trophy count. I was higher until all the people from the top came down to my level for the rush event.


Hello. are you really in the west coast? do you have d1scord?


Yes i have the discord program i used it when i played WoW. I never used it for JWA. Give me a url if you wnt to private chat.


hey. professorkp#9556 friend request me


Sent the request


Youre welcome to Join the Land Down Under. We have completed exploration and are on rank 4 defense. I am removing inactives/free loaders if you would like to join us.


My request has been fulfilled. Thks


I’d happily accept you into Dazed Dinos II …we are a very active and friendly group …we have reached level 5 on exploration and level 4 on defense (although not far away from levelling both to level 5)…always looking for hardcore players to help with missions and DNA requests


Hi suicuneAmattata,if you looking for hardcore member,i would like to join your team.
But i see it was full with 2 inactive members


I can remove 1 of the inactive members if you send over a request to join


Hey. I am looking for a new alliance yet again. Still holding the same stats as in the pictures but it was a sudden dismissal from the alliance for not telling someone happy birthday so my screen caps aren’t up to date. I will take more pictures for next week and repost if required. Please review my contributions and let me know if i fit your team. If i need improvement in a specific area please let me know.



Hey Dbustos you can join The Land Down Under if you like. Weve reached rank 5-4 every week. We just ask that you beactive and join our discord.


Friend request me. Dbustos650#8179


My request has been fulfilled. Thanks.