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Looking for semi serious team with discord

I dunno, I still feel like I’m fairly new to this game. But the ingame chat is so broken I cant stand to look at it… I tried to create a discord server for the alliance I joined but literally 3 people joined it for the almost 6 months I have been there… I use discord daily as I am a leader in SWGOH another mobile game I have been playing for the last 4 years. I am daily active and complete dailies, currently lvl10 in the nublar jungle arena 1,900. Please @AllenHarrison#4896 if you have a place for me in hopefully at least a 3/3 weekly guild. That’s what this guild gets… but communication is so broken… please help.

Hi Allen, Youre very welcome to join us.
ive send you a pm with more information.

Sky Islands is growing pretty nicely. Right now we are getting Rank 3 on Exploration and Rank 2 on Defense, almost hitting Rank 3 on that too. We have a Discord and the goal is really to just help each other out and have fun doing it.