Looking for suggestions on my lineup


I’m looking to improve my team and maybe switch some of them around. Anyone have any suggestions? Should I sub in Tarbo for one of them? Any help is appreciated.


Though I only have two epics, I do have a baryonyx, and I think you should definitely replace the nundasuchus with it. With the baryonyx, try to use ‘ready to crush’ as soon as possible. On your next turn, utilize the highest attack (I forget the name) and it can usually kill the opponent’s creature instantly. With a level 11 baryonyx, using this strategy takes out 2817 damage, and destroys all shields and bypasses armor.


I’d drop dimetrodon for bary and nunda for tarbo and you should be set.
I’d work on collecting dimetro dna instead of leveling him for the time being to get postimetrodon, and tryostronix later, which are both amazing right now.
As far as team building just keep shuffling until you can stay on a good streak. Identify your dinos that get KO’d easily and trade them around until you have you have a mix that works for you. Nobody’s line up really stays the same as you work up the arenas so don’t be afraid to mix it up.
Plus Tarbo is fantastic, especially since his stealth buff. 40% crit, faster than Rex, defense shattering basic. Total monster
My current line up is anky, postimetro, ourano, spinotahraptor, stegocera, suchotator, and tarbo with Koolasuchus G2 on the bench.


@DinoMaster3000 @LegoAnt
Thanks for your input!

I actually used to use Baryonyx for a while but I swapped her out when I got Secodontosaurus. Maybe I’ll bring her back into the rotation and swap out Nunda. I’ve had Nunda on my line up since the first day I got the game so I feel sad benching her but if necessary I’ll give it a shot. lol

As for dimetrodon, her immunities has helped me win a lot…do you think it is worth it to swap her out for a non-immunity dinosaur?


I’d switch Baryonyx, Monolophosaurus and Stygimoloch in. Instead of Ouranosaurus, Utahraptor and Nundasuchus.


If you can get your hands on postimetrodon. I’d highly suggest it. It could replace secodon and Dimetrodon.


@Ulfhednar Thanks for your input! I wanted to ask your reasoning for those suggestions? Is the Stygi 15% stun better than Ourano’s 75% stun despite the cooldown? Is the Monolophosaurus switch intended to replace the Utahraptor since they’re comparable in speed and damage? My Utahraptor actually does more damage currently…

@Democraticdonkey Haha I would but I still do not have enough Postosuchus dna. Currently I only have her at lvl 9.


@T-Wrecked Stygi has the speed to be a revenge killer but you lose superiority strike. Which will make in a bad matchup against Raptors. Something a bit more similar to Qurano could be tenontosaurus. You still get greater stunning strike and superiority strike aswell as gain distracting strike which is great if your dinos about to go down or a good opening move if you’re faster. The only problem being is that you’ll lose the utility of Hit and Run


I wasn’t looking for exact replacements, just dinos with good levels, that served me well for quite some time. (Until better ones came up, mostly hybrids). Then I checked, which dinosaurs I would lose. Stygimoloch I used some time and Instant Charge is a very useful skill. Raptors became less useful and I think one is enough. For later in the game I recommend aiming for Blue or Delta. More bulk and additional skills. I really enjoyed my time with Monolophosaurus. It’s a perfect Rex (and ilk) counter. It greatly debuffs attacking dinosaurs.

Of course in the end it depends on what your opponents put into the field.


I know it probably seems iffy to drop an immune for an non-immune but Bary makes up for it with raw damage. Don’t be tempted by Ready to Crush until you know you’re going to take the lightest hit possible. I think he’s best really as a sweeper because he’s quite fast and I’ve had people quit once they see that RtC at the end lol.
The problem with Dimetro is that his damage is just a notch too low against opponents it should beat sometimes. He’s not weak by any means, but some of the higher damage tanks still toss him around like high level stegos/stegocera/giraffatitan.
I’d stay away from stygi. Two basic strikes before you can use instant charge usually doesn’t bode well for their longevity. I usually take them as a non threat. Ourano is a better choice since it has superiority strike and the 2X stun after 1.
I hope this helps!