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Looking for super heroes to join our team!

Our goal is to keep the game fun and share the commitment it takes to reach our goals. We are hoping to find super heroes, but will settle for mere mortal likeminded players level 16-20 to become part of an amazing and very solid team. If you complete daily missions and do your part in the tourney you might be a great fit!

We strive for 10/10 and achieve it nearly every week, hover in or close to the top 100 in tourneys and are part of an amazing co-op (BOB) that provides us with 3-4 level 20 sanctuaries. We have an organized raid system and we all help to make sure no one is left behind.

I’ve been leading the alliance since '18 and have always treated players like family, we all do, and that is the reason why our turnover has been minimal since the beginning. Communication is important and real life always comes first!

Please send a DM (do not reply here) and please do not request to join in game without messaging! Thanks ahead of time!

Laker Dinos on the Ark


We still need two more! Please send a dm :slightly_smiling_face:

The replies are appreciated! We still have one spot left! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again!

Still need one more as of 9/14!

We have a full boat as of 9/15 :slight_smile: