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Looking for team

Any alliance has free spot?

I’ll tell you if my alliance opens a spot

Hey there, if your still looking we have a few spaces remaining :slight_smile:

you are welcome in our alliance! MyVeryWaitJurassicfes

Maybe you’re interested in joining Jurassic Vikings!

What we offer:
•10/8+ weeklies
•T8/T9 in championship
•an active discord server where we do all raids (including all apex), offer help, post cash links/news, live stream, chat etc
•3 Level 20 sancs with ARK (you must not place anything in them)

•3000+ trophies
•must at least get 10 takedowns in the tournament (without being reminded)
•daily player who actively battles and contributes towards weekly missions

We’re mainly English-speaking and mostly based around Europe, but have a few members from around the world.

Hello, Goose Gang 1 and 2 are seeking a new recruit!

Top 100 alliance. Max donations. 9/9 missions. 9 AC rewards. Good sancs. We also beat all raids.

Please DM MINMI#1112 if interested. Thanks!

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Minmi, I thought you said, you would give me a chance!

@Wecansavethem, I am not in GG2, so idk what happens in there. Contact Error if you have any questions please.

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I beg your pardon… You’re still in the Alliance. Don’t worry about that.

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If you still want it I have an great alliance

Im in alliance with an insanely big discord server (160 members). We do all strats-carry,hardcore,and resting potential strats. Our main alliance is full and our second alliance is recruiting. Contact Jurricane#9538 on Discord for more info. (The second alliance is called WhenDinosaursRuledMars)

Any alliance has free spot?[/quote]

Hello I am a current member of LHMB ( Look How Much Blood ) a part of the TWII & KFS = Timmy What Is It? and Killing For Sport alliance group, at present our alliances are haunting the top group of alliance’s and the TWII alliance = Timmy What Is IT? is sitting on top of the alliance leaderboard for alliance tournaments and has held that top spot for over 5 weeks now.!.

One of our top players TK14 can be contacted for further information via discord and his contact details there are these …>>>>>> TK14 #5335 <<<<<<

We welcome any and all players to our friendly group of alliances and offer a veritable mountain of support in many area’s feel free to check us out before making your decision to join as i think once you see what we have to offer you you will not be disappointed in any way !

LV10 Incubators each week in both Exploration and defense.

A support network like no other alliance has via raids and arena battles.

Separate discord channels for a wide range of activities with some that dont even involve the game but are for general usage as chat rooms on lots of subjects.

Information regarding building / maintaining sanctuaries including up to 4 or more LV20 sanctuaries !.

Skill practice and areas set aside so that you can test various raid / arena teams with our top players.

Sections where you are most welcome to post your own videos of raid / arena battles or pictures in general.

A separate section for DNA trading DNA Sharing or Trading for members.
Arrange to make trades for those hard to fill requests with teammates. Plan ahead or ask once you post. Bring something worthy to offer for your hard to get DNA.

A HALL OF FAME for those members that reach some very high scores while playing the game, be they a personal darting score achievement, or a target you have set yourself and achieved
( see list below for some of the achievements ) !.

The greatest of the greats shall be henceforth honored here… in the Hall of Fame!

Do your best and show everyone who’s boss.

Submissions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Most battles in a single day, awarded with a special emoji.
  • Most incubators in a single day, awarded with a special emoji.
  • Most direct hits in a single day.
  • Most darts fired in a single day.
  • Most points earned in a single tournament weekend.
  • Most points earned in an alliance championship overall.
  • Most DNA collected in a single day.
  • Friendly Tournament winners.
  • Highest arena score ever achieved in a monthly cycle.

All this and many more on our discord channels, so please come and check us out today

Screenshot_20210628-215148_JW Alive

Screenshot_20210605-002616_JW Alive