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Looking for US or International alliance


The title says it all. I’m at about 2800-3000 trophies if that matters.


Send a request to " lords of Jurassic world" and tell me your username. I’ll add you if there’s a vacant space


“Tiny Arms of the Rex” has spots open. We’re pretty casual and chill, we try to exchange dna as much as we can.


Join GamingBeaver’s official alliance “Beavers and pals”


Mine us called Chaos Kings. If it matters to you, the chat is very active, and people usually donate when they can, the only exception being if we need the DNA ourselves for a hybrid we’re trying to unlock or level up.


I found an alliance on metahub before anyone answered. Thanks for the interest tho.


Looking for 20 new members level 12 and up to our alliance search xrawrx if you’d like to join friendly people and we have a discord to talk on if you’re interested please message me directly!:+1::+1: