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Looking for very active and donating Alliance


Hi all! I am an active player from Groningen, the Netherlands. Currently I’m level 10, but I am focusing on leveling up my dinosaurs.

At this moment I am already in an active alliance, but all people are asking for Velociraptors… They aren’t operating optimal with requesting DNA’s. I want to move to an active alliance focusing on donating DNA’s, helping other members to progress, alliance missions etc. I also would like if your alliance has an discord server to communicate optimal with other members. I’ve heard about some alliances with discord servers where they’re discussing about which requests the members should ask.


join Soul Killer. ill addmit we dont have a discord yet as i wont set one up till we are close to full


Talk to @Tori_baugh


Hello, I am the leader of a very active international alliance. Everyone is very generous with thier donations. We use our own thread here on ludia to talk about what we are all working on, share screenshots and videos of our game, etc. If you are interested our alliance name is HeWasNumber1 you can send me a request today or I’ve noticed a bug in the requests system so it may be best to send me your screen name and the numbers by it in your profile so I can send you a request.