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Looking for your forever home? PREDATORS HUNTERS are recruiting

Are you looking for a great community and friendly team? We are looking for active members who can help us grow even more.

Must be able to play the tournament each week to get 10 takedowns minimum. Join us on telegram and be active.

We have a few spots open so can bring in you and your JWA friends. PM me for further details. We would prefer higher level players but always open to enquiries.


We have two spaces left. Can make more room for the right people.

Come join us for friendly chat and positive atmosphere.

Use of telegram is a must.

We help lower levels get through apex raids. Have over 2000 trophies and willing to join us on telegram… Come join us.

I’m afraid I don’t fit the requirements… But could you please still add me in and I will contribute by putting creatures in sanctuaries every week!

What requirements don’t you fit??

My trophies are only at 868

I’ll PM you