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Looking to expand alliance for alliance missions


Please feel free to join my alliance, Raptor Rogues. Beginner and Experienced friendly. Let’s help each other grow so we can be on top of these Allaince missions!


Trying to get people to join mid week of missions is hard man. nobody wants to join a project when they can stay where theyre at. Good luck tho


Yeah I get that. I just started this back up again after getting a better phone to run it and am new to the alliance feature. I’m actually surprised I’m coming close to getting all my missions done solo for the most part. I could have probably done better in an active guild lol


U wont get far as a solo player in alliance missions man. U have to have help. If your solo id sugguest just joining an already stablished alliance. Much easier that way. Not to mention there is literally no benefit to being a leader. Other than u get to choose who to kick. Thats ur only power that members dont have


Good luck expanding your Alliance!! I hope you’re able to get some new members for next week, at least!
Also, if you decide to join an existing alliance instead, I probably have one or two inactive players to kick and make room. My alliance is called Chaos Kings. Just let me know if you’re interested.


I’d be interested if you are willing to take me in. I’m fairly active and I feel like I could progress a lot more in a larger group.


I sent a request to join yours if you still have that offer up. I almost got to rank 2 on the exploration alone and I had rank one on the other so I’m hoping being in an active group will give me a chance at better rewards. I went ahead and resigned from my alliance.


You’re in. lol You’ll be happy to know we’re on Rank 3 for both incubators, and we can probably get Exploration to Rank 4 on Sunday. I hope so, anyways! Probably won’t max out either though, unfortunately.


Worth a shot! Gotten pretty far at least with what active players we do have

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