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Looking to form partnership with other alliance leader


Hello. I am looking for other leaders to form an friendship between our alliances.
If you have dis. cord
Our members can battle yours sometime.
I can direct the members I am removing your way if you do not have a full alliance.

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I’m in a alliance that has 50 but only 4 or 5 are active. What’s the point ? How can I change ?

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Hello. If you are not the leader then you really should get out of there asap. In the coming weeks we are going to get really good DNA in the missions. Including erlikosaur.
If your leader is active however you should encourage them to give you the alliance or to kick out like 5 people and slowly bring in more active people.

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TJC2019 still is a small alliance but we have active players

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That is good it sounds like you are having fun with them.


Friendly Draft League For interested alliances

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Will you invite me to your alliance please ?


hi user3 if you are talking to me. you can add my chat(disk orrrd) (i keep getting censored here) by seeing how to friend request me on my alliance summary - killerraptors