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Looking to improve my team

After being stuck in Badlands for months I’ve decided that I might need to change & boost my team. Do you have any advice on what I should change

Maybe boost and level Suchotator? She really helped me in the Badlands-Lockwood range.

Replace Posti with Stegoceratops. Level up Suchotator. Work on leveling Sarcorixis. You can get Sarcosuchus in parks for Sarcorixis by doing scents there. You can save the Quetzels and Tenontos for future use. Level Patchy to 15 but no further. Work on Smilodon to 15 so you can start Smilocehpalasurus… not that these are great but just fun to play. Slowers are their arch enemy. Keep working on Purataurus to 15 to some day make Carnotarkus which is a really good dino.

Keep darting the daily dino’s. There are good creatures to make from those.

I’m playing at your level on my 2nd account but not taking the boost plunge. I have every common, rare, epic and legendary and 2 unique’s. I’ve got a 3rd started and a 4th and 5th that can be started. I’ve been doing this methodically. I have no desire to “progress” up into the rat arenas as my primary account is there and I hate it. The level your at now is actually fun without boosts.