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Looking To Join A Better Alliance

i want to bring myself and possibly 5 other people who want to follow in to a stronger alliance

i fluctuate between 4500-5k while the others are around 5k. we are active and complete missions but because it’s just about 5 of us, we don’t really do the tourneys. we can usually hit 4/3 in the mission rewards between the 5 of us. can’t get past a lv 5 sactuary

the alliance i would like to consider:

  • 6/6+ alliance rewards
  • at least 1 lv20 sactuary for 10 days out of the two weeks
  • lax on rules
  • platform for communication to coordinate

i don’t know how many people will want to follow but i definitely need to switch. it’s that time where my efforts aren’t getting maximum return. i have lv28 dinos on my team and not pay to play. been playing for two years and want to grow with an actual alliance with at least 30 active members

right now it’s impossible to grow our alliance because the creator disapeared and we have a pretty much full alliance with inactive players

if you have to prequalify us after what i have written, we aren’t a good fit with the non lax rules. looking to join another alliance in the next couple days with room for my active members to follow if they so choose

please tell me about your alliance and if you think we will be a good fit and we can talk privately in making room for us so the transition goes smoothly.

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Get Jurassicked has a few open spots we are looking to fill. We do require use of discord, we vote on sancs so everyone has a say on who gets placed, and require 10 take downs for the tournament(so you need to be tournament eligible). We participate actively in raids and have guides for all members to use to ensure success in the raids as well. We are a 9/8 alliance right now. 10/10 when full and hit level 8 for the rewards canister last tournament. Feel free to message me if you are interested

no.not interested., i mentioned lax rules. what fun is a game when you have people always looking over your head? that’s more like a job than a game. if people want to be dictated to how to play their own game, that’s cool, just not for me…

Hard to have a level 20 sanctuary with lax rules though…

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Been in exactly your position.
When you say lax on rules any Alliance with level 20s for more than 10 days are going to be in a cooperative so are definately going to have sanctuary rules.
Most Alliances also require daily play and Tournament entry and 10 take downs.
If you can live with those requirements I can suggest several active Alliances, that would be happy to have you, if your interested?

you and real_gambler are correct. when i researched sactuaries yesterday and how to build one to level 20, i did realize there are some pros and cons to it. and that the biggest con is new players coming in not knowing exactly what to do and then getting kicked out because of it. so lv 20 sactuaries aren’t on the top of my list. active players though are. the tourneys are something else that has pros and cons to it.

i would have edited my post because you both bring up really good points but i think i may have found an alliance.

my take on things is this. everyone plays differently because they all have different lives and responsibilities and lax rules make it better for those who have busier lives but still active so maybe they choose not to play in the tourneys or boss battles but because they are active, they can do the alliance missions which isn’t hard at all for an active player who may set aside an hour a day for the game. rules will double that time

time to me is very important because we never get that back so lax rules take precidence over the other stuff along with active players. still getting a lot more benefits to joining another alliance for the same efforts i am putting in right now.

i would actually be willing to join an alliance with rules but not sure about the others who would want to follow with me so i have to think about them to right now. if nobody chooses to follow however, i might just join one where the alliance is a little more organized but i would have to have time to get used to it because my daily habits when playing right now would conflict with changes and would have to learn new daily habits. such as tourneys where i just don’t do them because we don’t have enough guys to do them to even be worth it for the rewards.

but yea, you two are right. it’s contradictory with rules and a level 20 sactuary. i realized that after i researched it yesterday which sucks because i would really love the extra dna :slight_smile:

The level 20s are definately worth it for the extra dna, they get built in 24-36 hours usually and then other Alliances are linked, so we tend to have 3-4 available for 10 days, one being available after 36 hours or so.
Tournament takes 10-15 minutes a week over the 3 days, all I personally ask for is entry and 10 takedowns as a minimum, that gets us to tier 8 or 9 rewards, of course anyone is more than welcome to do plenty more. .
Aside from daily play in my Alliance, there are only suggestions, no enforced targets. We end up with 10/9 or 10/8 usually, and its nice to be relaxed.

After witnessing your over reaction to our extremely lax requirements compared to other alliances of our standing, we at Get Jurassicked have collectively decided that you will not be a good fit for our team. Kindly no longer consider us an option.

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actually, i never considered you as an option. you were obviously not a good fit and it was clearly stated why. if you call that over reacting, so be it but this just validates why you weren’t an option. i’m not even in your alliance and you’re trying to dictate things to me haha. i am just trying to find a balance to things that fit how i like to play and my schedule. i am sure there are other people who fit in better with your alliance. just ain’t for me…

I’ve found my new alliance.

i just want to thank everyone for their replies in this thread and also taking the time to pm me and everything people wrote about their alliances. they all sounded really good and well run

i sorta feel bad when people go out of their way to pm me and i can only choose one.

anyway, i was grateful for the responses i got and the time it took people to write out some of the responses. so thanks again!

(i don’t know if we have the ability to close threads. i didn’t see that option but this thread now can be considered closed)

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Closed at OP’s request