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Looking to join a clan

I’m looking to join a clan on here. I looked through the ones on the ingame clan list but nobody looks active and won’t join the one I started? Can anybody tell me how I can back ot of the clan I started?

well lucky you i did that before so i know how to get out. First click the gear icon and click disband and then your out and if you want feel free to join Goose Gang 2 or you can get the co leader spot in Goose Gang 3 but that one isn’t that good or if your over 4000 trophies go for Goose Gang, your call

I am the leader of TheBloodyDinos, and we have few spots available on our team. We are very active and use discord (required). We require all members to be Touranment qualified (on one exception is a members son who had to start game over bc he had phone issues). We have strategies for all Raids (yes even Apex ones). We do Raids many many times throughout the day and make sure that everyone gets the Raids done that they need or want.
If you are interested or have questions you can contact me on discord. My info holly#8902
Look forward to hearing from you.

What is discord? I try to be active but I drive truck over the road so some times I might have to skip a day or 2.