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Looking to join a new alliance


I left my old alliance because my friend wanted me to join his, but he flaked…Now I’m Allianceless. I’m a casual player sitting around with a 4200 trophy count. If anyone has any openings, I’m game to join!


we have a very nice alliance going on. its casual, friendly and we exchange dna. talk to @Tori_baugh


Hello! I have a small, but generous alliance if you still need one to join. We are StygiShield, and everybody is super awesome about donating and filling requests. Feel free to join! Just let me know what your in game name is. We also have a discord channel that is full of nonsense :joy: we are from 2500(ish) trophies to 5000.


Oh man that’s a bummer your friend flaked on you. As @Wilshire1966 said we have a small alliance of casual players. We are called HeWasNumber1 and I go by crosschords4196 in game. Just PM me your information and you could have an new alliance today!

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A spot just opened up for TheLegends!
We trade dna, talk about our tactics, and do friendly battles!
We aren’t the very best; we dont aim to be, but we try to be the decent alliance!


Life Found A Way has room for you my friend.

Now your totally overwhelmed with offers so can take your pick


I would throw mine in the mix too, but created a separate thread lol. Hope all works out well for everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


I was able to find an alliance. Thank you everyone for your offers and kind gestures!