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Looking to join alliance that beats teir 3


I’m around 2500 trophies and play everyday. The alliance I’m in I’ve outgrown and only speaks French and I speak only English so I’m ready to move on.

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We push towards tier 3 weekly. We don’t have enough members unfortunately to push further. But if you want to check us out feel free to. JWA MISSOURI The latest update set some of our players out but I’m trying to build up our ranks.

My son and I and a few other play daily and we dart everything in sight, spin every stop, fight every tower. Unfortunately the broken battle system really limits our rank on the bottom alliance mission.


Yeah you really ought to move on. I was in an alliance that did rank 3 and I did a huge work load for it myself. I left for one that now does 5 and 4 every week no matter what. I felt bad leaving a few of the members that worked hard with me. But it was 100% worth it.

We even have a discord chat where we communicate it all. Its just way better.

There’s no spots in ours. But I’ll mention it in case you don’t find a home. Life Found A Way is the name but I know we have no openings atm. Sorry. Just wanted to say definitely look for a new home if you feel you have grown passed it.

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I have a feeling there are many smaller alliances by themselves are struggling to hit higher tiers. But if some could combine they would be very profitable in achieving them.

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On the other hand, I owe it to my team to keep fighting. I can’t leave them behind. They put their trust in me and joined a small alliance. I fight to get them as high a rank as I can hit. I can’t in good conscience, leave them. The extra DNA would be great, but it isn’t everything.


Yes any alliances that could combine should really consider it. I know a lot of people just want to be the leaders but it really helps everyone out. Including donations.

Donations in my old alliance were skim. I was lucky to get anything actually effective. In a good group you will be developing known trades.

Where members just know the other members will get you back when you need it.

I know exactly how you feel though. Feel dedicated to do it! That’s just a good sign.

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I always try to donate when I can even if i need it. I can always get more. But i agree, it is slim pickings. I don’t always expect my teammates to donate to me, I would rather they beef up their teams. With as much as I play, I can replenish any DNA I donate.


Hey man if you are an active member then look up Dazed Dino’s II, we reach tier 5 reward.
We welcome good earnest players who can contribute to daily and weekly challenges.
We have a discord (it’s an app) group as well, you can join that to know more and place request… Subsequently look me up OutlandishOutlaw in the game if you can’t find the alliance.


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