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Looking to join alliance

I’m LVL 6 looking to join an active alliance any one recruiting at the moment

**We are a new alliance called
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks ON
feel free to join our alliance.

We are trying to build an alliance of daily players that get their daily battle incubator and are willing to help out with the alliance missions.
Willing to do friendly battles is a plus too.



You can join mine it’s a decent size (8 players) and we usually get stuff done pretty quick, in fact we’re almost at rank two alliance rewards, the only problem is that we can’t finish the 30 daily battle incubator. If you’re interested in joining our alliance look for “The Dino Rivals”

Our alliance is accepting new recruits

Our alliance Vinskosaurus would be happy to have you:) We’re not a large alliance, trying to build it up with more active players who contribute to the missions.

JWADK :slight_smile: just created a week ago.