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Looking to join an active clan

Hey guys. I’m looking for an active clan. I am a really active player. I’m currently at level 34 (I think) I don’t pay much attention to my level as much as I do leveling my dragons. I just handed my clan over to the current top player and left my own. I’m tired of seeing the alphas escape. If your clan is looking for a member like me please drop your clan name below with a little description of your clan rules and requirements. Thanks!

Hey there! You might just be the one we’re looking for! :smiley:

I’m the leader of The Dragon Riders. Our clan member’s overall average BP is just above 5200 with the highest being close to 5900. Currently we fight 6 and 7 star alphas (beating both) and are working on becoming strong enough to beat several 7 star alphas in a row.

What we ask of you is that you’re active and attack the alpha daily, dealing around 80-100k damage each day. It is also required that you join our discord server as we use that rather than the in game chat for communicating.

Here’s a link to our full recruitment thread: The Dragon Riders - Looking for competitive players to fight 7 star alphas! (80-100k daily damage)