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Looking to join an alliance

Im a level 16, I play daily even if I dont always do all the daily challenges, and I donate DNA whenever I have the DNA to donate. Unfortunately I dont have a ton of time to donate to the game so I cant keep specific trophy levels or anything like that, but I do my best. MY current alliance is driving me mad because they never donate DNA to me, and Im getting tired of being the one who donates virtually all the DNA in the alliance.

You can join mine

We are looking for alliance members. We ask for daily missions and daily battle incubator to be done at least 5 days a week. We would love to have you.

JWADK, new alliance, me and my wife only atm.

@Thomas_Uglebjerg Vinskosaurus is also a new alliance, working to build it up with more members - looking for active players contributing to missions. You and your wife would be very welcome to join us :slight_smile: