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Looking to Move Up? Join TeaRex Hunter Alliance

Tired of being the one carrying your Alliance? We are a long time established International alliance which offers 10/10 Alliance missions, Tier 9 Championship rewards (usually rank in Top 20 of Alliance Championship), and three level 20 sanctuaries. We have several high ranking members who are happy to help with raids (Mortem raids are a piece of cake for most of us). Our members tend to stay long term. We are looking for active team players with 5000+ trophies who hopefully score well in tournaments. Please message for more information


Hello! I’m level 4500+ looking for a new alliance before the next tournament starts. I’m active daily and I always complete the ten tourney. Can I join?

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Hello. Thanks for your interest. We do have a 5000+ trophy requirement, it helps with entry medals. How high are your tournament scores?

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I appreciate your interest, but we do have a 5000 minimum trophy requirement

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Thank you for responding. Perhaps when I rank up to the next arena, I’ll look into you guys again and hopefully be of more help.

Sure, would be happy to hear from you

TeaRex Hunters is a long time established International Alliance with several high ranking players. We very rarely have people voluntarily leave our Alliance, our current opening is due to removing an inactive player. We are an ARK1 team with three level 20 sanctuaries, we do 10/10 on Alliance missions and typically rank in the Top 25 in the Alliance Championships without having all the hard core rules. We are looking for an active team player with minimum 5000 trophies who loves to battle and hopefully will do more than the required ten takedowns. We do require Discord and have active raid channels with many players willing to help on raids. We are able to get most of our players successfully through Mortem raids. If you are interested in joining our team please message me and tell me about yourself.

We have another opening available, great opportunity to join our friendly and successful Alliance

Hey guys and gals! I’m looking to join a new alliance! I’m getting back into the game and need a squad especially for raids! I used to be daily took a few months off and now I’m back with a fury. Here’s my tournament screenshot and I have discord etc.

Hello, thanks for your interest in joining our team. We are looking for an active player who does well in tournaments. I didn’t see your tournament screenshot, is it possible to send it? And also of your team? We do have an active raid channel with a lot of players who love to raid.

We do ask that our players do a minute of 16-20 battles per day to help with Defense missions.



Hi there!

I’m an active member with 5000+ trophies and I hope to join your team! Here is a screenshot of my current ranking.

Hello and thanks for your interest in joining our team. Can I ask how you do in tournaments? Could you share a screenshot from your tournaments page?

We need active people who love to battle and hopefully do more than the minimum required ten takedowns in tournaments. We do expect a minimum of 16-20 battles a day to help the Alliance maintain its 10/10 on missions. I also hope that you like to participate in raids (which are a great way of adding battles and incubators).

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Thanks. What we usually look for is when you click on the tournament tab and then scroll down where it shows your last four scores

TeaRex Hunter is looking for the right player to join our exceptional team. We have a great thing going here with many long time members! We only very rarely have anyone willingly leave our Alliance (two current openings are due to people being removed for inactivity).

What we offer:

ARK1 Alpha team with three level 20 sanctuaries

Alliance Championship global rank in the Top 20-25 or better without all the hardcore rules of other top Alliances (we achieve Tier 8/9 rewards in the Championship)

10/10 on Alliance missions

An active raid channel with lots of high ranking players willing to help with raids.

Great Discord with organized raid strategies and an “I’m Available” channel where you can sign up to have our helpful bot notify you when other players are looking to do raids.

Strong International team so we almost always have players available on line.

What we are looking for:

Active no drama team player who helps with missions and loves to raid

Strong tournament player

5000 minimum trophies (unless you can show exceptional tournament scores)

Discord is required and paying attention to team tags is expected.

Looking for another player to join our team, please DM me if interested

If you are looking for a great Alliance to grow with and stay long term, send me a message. Very friendly helpful team, looking for active helpful players

Hloo there,Irene,I’m starting to play Jurassic world alive recently and have a low trophy accout under 1000. So can I join ur alliance bcz I play on daily basis and complete my daily task for rexy dna.
I think I’m not very helpful in raids but other than that I’m a very regular player

Thanks for asking, we do have a 5000 trophy minimum requirement. You can look on ARK if you have Discord, lots of great Alliances there

Hi TeaRex Hunters have a minimum trophy requirement of 5000 medals because they are preparing to join the Tier 9 Ranks in the tournament. Any players seeking to raid and get rewarded with more than just an alliance but a close-knit group of long-term players is welcomed.

But don’t worry, we have many alliances for a dedicated active player like you in ARK.

Feel free to join us in ARK Discord, where you will find IreneA#9421.

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I’m not able to accept ur invite.
It’s constantly show me just accept invite,when I’m clicking it and again show me the same thing repeatedly…