Looking to Raid? Join a strategic alliance that raids all day!

:nerd_face: ugetonmynerds is looking to add one or two more players that are looking to raid daily (when raids are available of course) and enjoy battling in tournament.

:point_right: Our nerds are prepared to raid with the dinos and strategy needed to get through the raids quickly and easily. New raids are not a problem for us! We are part of a large 80+ alliance community that collaborates and creates new raid strategies.

We have :one: opening now which we are holding for the right nerdy player that is willing to become part of the next Tournament Tier 9 team :medal_sports: .

Tournament Tier 9 Team means as you bring more than 10, 000 medals by the end of the tournament.

Our highly active team reaches 10/10 early while maintaining 3-8 level 20 sanctuaries every week (exception is build day). As a ugetonmynerds member you will belong to ARK Alpha, the CoOp that builds their level 20s in less than a day. Our fastest NO WASTE build is less than 5 hour.

If you are looking for more out of alliance with people who are friendly, raid ready, and strategic, please visit us in ARK Discord at and message DinoL3o#5206 or GraeSkies#7481.

Yes you must have Discord to join, but communication is everything when you are striving to maximize your fun!

How active is our team? 12 hours after mission start

How many members in there now?