Looking to recruit a new Allience member(s)

Hello, we have currently lost a member from our allience and are looking to recruit a new, active one.

We currently have 49/50 members.

We continuously hit both Exploration and Defense ranks at level 4, however recently we have been behind a couple of 1000 darts to reach the 5th rank of exploration. Therfore we would love to add a new member to help us out.

We are also considering clearing out another 2 spots as some members are becoming inactive in our allience.

We are also very active with communication throughout the chat room to discuss better tactics.

Please reply if your an interested explorer and looking to join our team.

Thank you.

Hello! We sound like a good match. I’m a very active player. In my last alliance, most of the weekly alliance rank tasks had my name on them (I have a couple screenshots if you’d like to see). I’m trying to join an alliance that gets higher than rank 1 or 2…

Let me know if you’d be interested in me. :slight_smile: