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Looking to replace one inactive player :)

Absolutely love my gang and appreciate what everyone does a ton. Just reached level 3 explore a few mintues ago and need one more to be part of what we have. Many are players since launch and our alliance is one of the first after they were implemented. Discord is mandatory to align missions. Laker Dinos on the Ark, check us out and send a DM if interested. I can’t accept blind requests, sorry! Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!



Agreed - this group is really good. Lots of nice people!


Good folks. Friendly, and some are super overachievers when it comes to missions. Haha! Serious players with a lighthearted approach. I quit my first alliance, was solo for a long time, but now I’m glad I joined up with this bunch.


I can highly recommend Laker Dinos on the Ark as well. Friendly, welcoming to both new and experienced players, supportive; did I mention they reach 5/4 every week?

In addition, Julie is a great leader. You won’t go wrong if you choose this alliance!


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Everyone will activity help you become a better player. On top of that, just a Great group of players.


When I was in this alliance they did hit level 5/4 every week- that is no joke, haha! I’m working to become more active… in time for 1.9- if another spot pops open in future I might consider it… all depends… :smile:

We are full with active players again :slight_smile: