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Looks Like Half the Top10 are Cheaters


New players who somehow are able to acquire enough T-Rex DNA to level Indo, Tryko, and Erlidom all to level 30.

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It happens in every game no matter what. These players dont have honour but thats on them and they know they cheat. Best not to compare and be content with what you have. Then you will enjoy the game more


I won’t come on here and call anyone a cheater without any proof which we obviously don’t have by just looking at an account. But I did notice 6 of the top 10 teams are from an alliance not named Apex Predators and the team in first has by far the worst team. Not even near a compete level 30 squad like most of the top teams. Must have some amazing RNG luck to go with the epic spawn luck…


Spoofing is one thing, and hard to detect. It isn’t a magic wand where you have an overnight team, you still need to dart and collect, grind to fuse.

To have these amazing teams pop up is more than spoofing, it’s automation that’s detectable.

I hope Ludia takes notice and action before we all join the party.


Look at their alliance.

Far better teams than Apexpredators.


I don‘t get it how they‘re able to cheat? I thought the security in jWA should work fine?
Are these spoofers or do they really use programs to cheat?

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I know one of the members of that alliance with a very distinctive screen name I battled a lot in tournament three - when they had some higher level epics but rather quickly gained levels and classes - now they have all L30 uniques.

Just sayin’…


Don’t know. What is the security? I’m sure some of the data minors can see some from the client end if there is any.


We always blame cheating, but there have been so many games in which the developers deliberately introduce high level bots to pressure real gamers into spending more money that I would’t rule that possibility out of JWA. Not that Ludia hurries up to terminate spoofers accounts, do they?


Why hurry to terminate any account if they spend any money.



Think about how long it would take to get these teams, fusing, darting alone. Spoofing requires finding, darting and fusing these creatures. It’s highly unlikely spoofing alone would produce these teams since the last few tournaments.

PoGo had automation bots that created an account, and walked around collecting creatures. You could have a high level account in a few days.

I suspect that has finally occurred with JWA.

Fairly easy to detect, if Ludia knows what they are using to cheat.


But wouldn‘t that fake the ranks?



I could actually see Ludia doing this to get us to spend more money.

I think you nailed it.


if they are still paying, then they are still playing.


IDK, I might just be malicious here. I remember some browser based games using “baits” in the past…


Bots all got banned in pogo. Spoofers didn’t for ages. I know a guy who ran one of the maps and used bot accounts for the map but they would all get perma banned.

Spoofing alone could do it. The finding is the easy part. They have forms and post the cords. Same way in pogo. In pogo they had cool down timers they had to adhere to help prevent being caught. Last I read there was no cool down timers for this game so someone could catch a Erlick in the US and then again seconds later in another country.

If they do not have any timers like this or something showing the date, time and location a dino was caught like in pogo I would assume it would be hard to detect as all the program is is an overlay of the JWA app with a gps program.


By the way, in case it wasn’t clear. They are all in the same Alliance and it’s not Apex. The players in Apex have been playing a long time and I’ve battled them as they made there way up. These cheaters zipped right past me in the last month or so.


I just don’t battle the Apex guys I beat them pretty soundly…:grinning:

Ok maybe not…lol

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Pretty amazing efficiency.
The lowest members…


and yes, even with spoofing it still takes a lot of time to gather the DNA volume necessary.

As far as them being paying customers, now that they are level 30 and don’t need to spend money anymore, how about eliminating them now?