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Looks like they changed featured dinos to purrolyth ingredients


Getting lythronax and purrusaurs gen 2 spawns


Check the Twitter Feed. They just twitted that the featured Superhybrid dino: Grypolyth components would be available from 20 Dec to 7Jan.


Got pics?
I can’t get twitter something about my email address has been used :confused:



I started getting lythoronax in common scents starting last night was wondering what was up…


At my desk, I had been getting endless common triceratops. Then around 4pm today they vanished and lyth started appearing.

On the ride home, I only saw one drac2. Yesterday I saw dozens. Before they were increased for the last round, I’d see 4 or 5. It will be interesting to see what they look like going forward.


Is gryposuchus global now too?


Think its just the commons since they state “2 components” of the hybrid will be seen more often. My guess is that the epic component will remain a park spawn


Aw figures…they didn’t wanna make dem epics any easier to find