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Looming for an alliance


Hi all, I am looking for an alliance that has active players and really contribute towards each other.

I am level 19, currently on 3600+ trophies. Player from South Africa. I am willing to contribute DNA as far as I can and of what I have available and almost always available for friendlies.

I am usually active for 2+ hours a day.

Kind regards

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HeWasNumber1 would love to have you. We’re a friendly international alliance and there is always someone on. :slight_smile:

@Tori_baugh is our Leader


As asta said we are an active alliance with members different parts of the globe. You’re very welcome to search our alliance and send me a request to join. You can also send me a message cinatainting your ingame name and the numbers next to it in your profile and I will send you a request to join us. :slight_smile:


Thanks Tori here it is

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You can also consider “Lords of Jurassic World”. We’ve already completed rank5 exploration and rank4 in defence. If you’re interested then message me. We’ve two vacant space.


Ok thanks a lot. I did send a request to join