Lord Glyptodon

I would love this for April Fools 2021.

Bow down to the mighty Lord Glyptodon. He is unstoppable


no dmg…oof
the rmpg is useless

Where is his damage? 5000 health and 100% armor is useless with 0 attack.

Say hello, Armor Piercers

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A level 1 tarbosaurus could defeat this thing
in like 1000 turns
but still

Wait, how would he kill you?

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Shoot, I have to edit it. It’s supposed to be 1800
EDIT: fixed. Thanks

Oh ok that makes sense now

he wont
hence how

this makes more sense
wait a minute…1800 DMG!!!
That Rex-level Damage!

Let’s see that tarbo fight it now lol

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Just activate SI SR. Make sure to have at least 2500 attack though.

2500 Magna could do it with RNG

Remember, this thing distracts

Intimidation does 200% distraction. Magna will do 0


lol :rofl:
btrw, these are level 1 stats, unboosted

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Oh no. That’s not good

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Swap In Shattering Rampage. What did you think it was?

No creature has that move

Not yet. Also was a joke.