Lord Glyptodon

Meh, Max boosted Mags might work, or bait Intimidation into a nitro TenRex heal

Oh, Ok. I have no idea how to beat this monstrosity I have created, so if anyone has any strats. Tenrex could work

131 TenRex with at least 2500 attack, you bait intimidation and heal that turn, and then DSR

Heck don’t even need that speed. Just one speed boost and Tenontorex is faster.

It can use the basic attack. If tenrex touches it, it then gets slowed and then glyptodon can use it again, and if tenrex heals, intimidation. That also does 4500 in 2 turns if it does only 1 counter

Depends on how its programmed, if its unpredictable then TenRex wont work like that. if it’s a somewhat predictable order then the setup should work

Tarbo was Underpowered
heres a buff!

“Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legenda-” Turbo Tarbo OHKO’s Lord glyptodon

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It could. But if tenrex misses the rampage, it’s screwed

True but at least there is A WAY to beat it, not a good one tho

There really isn’t a good way. Just pray

Overlevelled Irritator G2 could come in handy here if you can get it to within sniping range.

That’s only 1800

Which is more than half the boss’s HP with a crit, and it has a 30% critical chance. Just hit the boss with Cleansing shattering strike, Crafty Strike, Defense-shattering Impact (Antarctovenator), or Definite Strike (Diplovenator), then swap.
Not the most affordable, but doable.

I found a way, level 30 allo gen 2 with 20 dmg boosts, you go for cleanse shattering strike and then swap to level 30 irri gen 2 with 20 damage boosts.

Edit : Didn’t read any comments, seems like this way has already been found, welp another way is tanycolag level 30 with 20 damage boosts, 2 hits and then swap

It doesn’t get to get 2 hits off. Even with 10 hp. It goes counter+2 strikes and tany dies

it says 1800 damamg tho

i made the post before the dmg was added

oh, ok. that makes sense

Yeah, I accidentally forgot the damage