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Lord Lythronax - Bring it Back Out

Now that we have these boosts, I would like another go at Lord Lythronax.


I will speak to Pope Ponpo and request a summoning ceremony.
I cannot speak for The Cult as a whole, but I for one second your request.
Praise be to the Warlord of the Heavens!

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I have not met the Lord in the tournament yet, but probably because I’d rather stay put in top 5k range since I don’t gamble with a low lvl team.

Y’all know if Lord Lythronax makes another appearance he’s gonna be max boosted😂


Ludia: Fine. Here is Lord Lythronax again…

10/10/10 boosted

Have fun

Even unboosted he would be insanely hard to overcome but fun… Always fun

P.s. I beat it last time but it took some luck