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"Lords of Jurassic World" alliance (5/4) looking for few active players

“Lords of Jurassic World” is an international alliance, consistently hitting rank 5/4 alliance missions since beginning :nerd_face:. We’ve 5 spots open at the moment and looking for players who are active, generous and ready to join our discord. If you’re willing to be part of our alliance, feel free to hit me back :slightly_smiling_face:

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One spot is open atm

One spot is open if anyone interested?

Is there still an open spot in the alliance?

Hello everyone! We’re looking for some active players who are ready to play as team player (discord is must for Sanc coordination). Some of our members keep ignoring and refused to follow some simple instructions even after many warnings (regarding sanctuary).So it’s time to take some action.
Currently we’ve a Lvl 17 Sanc (shared) which will be lvl 20 in one or two days.
So if you’re interested to join then I’m one message away :blush:

hi , I am interested in joining your alliance. Please tell me how to join.

Sent you message. Now we’ve lvl 18 sanc(shared) very soon will be 19.

One spot is open and sanctuary grow up to 19.5lvl , will be 20 in next 12 hrs.

Two spots open and have 20 lvl sanc with almost 8 days left.Screenshot_20191012-104848

Two spots are open atm