Lose a battle instanlty?


Hi all, I had enter the battle arena few minutes ago and got lost to the fight instantly.

I enter the arena as usual and timer left with 1min 26sec. But after the battle start, my phone straight pop up I lose.

Does anyone having the same issue? Is this a bug/bot/cheat?


Usually this means there was some kind of a connection issue—even if your device was still connected to Wi-Fi or data properly, that doesn’t mean that your opponent’s device didn’t suffer a connectivity problem. It’s definitely not a bot or hacking issue…some of us might venture to call it a connectivity bug, but I’m not sure I’d even go as far as saying that.

If my timer freezes, or I’m stuck on a screen where you can see the arena background but no timer, I usually close the app and reopen it. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to re-enter the battle before the timer’s finished running down to select my first dinosaur. I haven’t been having issues for some time, though.


Thanks for reply, but my timer did not freezes, and I enter the battle arena right after a fight.


Yes sometimes I’ll win the battle instantly but then I’ll close & reopen the app & I’m either still in the arena or it’s says I lose.