Loser and winner pool

How to get into the winner pool?

It’s obvious that my game was manipulated in the background, invisibly by Ludia so that I wouldn’t win anymore.
In about 50 fights I have not landed any useful critical attacks while the opponent himself even hits the 10% critical chances several times. Crit only works for me in counter attacks and if the crit has no effect. Eg. the opponent Dino has only 500hp left and the basedamge of my attack is sufficient, then I also land critical hits. An obvious tool to hide the hidden manipulation of the critical chances.
Same counts for doge and knock out attacks. I doge nothing and the last time i knocked out an enemy dino is weeks ago.

Furthermore, I am matched exclusively to opponents who have unique dinos 5 levels above me.

Furthermore I could only discover about 5-10 epic dinosaurs on the map this week.

A few weeks ago it was 5 per day. Today i traveld around 20km for 4h with the tram and there was just ONE ankylosauros on the map.

It’s obvious there’s a winner and a losing pool.

I’ve been playing since February, put 500 euro into the game and my dino group is damn good. So why im in the Loserpool with changed crit values?


In battles my Tyrannosaurus Rex only gets one critical in the entire fight and things with a 5% critical chance get it at least twice, I might just be unlucky but it seems odd that my T-Rex gets critical hits so few and far between

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It’s a kind of public knowledge even though it’s impossible to proof it. Every players know it and experience it. I’ve never stunned any higher level dinos, never hit them critically. It’s the JWA polite way to say " i’ve given you chances to win, now suck it up".

Yeah this game is 100% rigged. I got fed up and cancelled my vip and now I win 1 in 10 battles…usually because the opponents team times out. My stuns and crit hits haven’t worked since the update…oh and trying to get two new uniques…the game has exhausted my dna by giving me 10 dna fuse every time. And also the dinos needed no longer appear on the map! Haha also when I do ‘finally’ win a battle…they give me the 15min incubator!! The second a battle starts you know if you’ve won or lost within the first 5seconds. Playing this game is no different than playing any fruit/slot machine…rigged.


The house always wins :moneybag:

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100% my experience too.

Mine swings wildly.
I’m either crushing the competition, or being crushed.
There is absolutely something broken, or intentionally causing the RNG to favor/disfavor.

In before the fanbois say you just don’t know how to play.

Bottom line: Ludia made money on gambling games. They are very adept at exploiting gambling addictions for cash in their pockets. It makes sense they would write code to favor the whales at the expense of the not whales. It’s not about spending, it’s about spending huge. People have dropped tens of thousands on this game, it’s easy to drop over a grand and not realize it. I refuse to pay any more cash for this game because it’s broke, very broke.

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The very same for me.
But I almost never used real money in the game at all, so I’m not surprised.
What I don’t understand is why there are people that still deny this state of things.
It would suffice to say “okay, you don’t pay, you don’t have luck, that’s the game, take it or leave”.
Instead no, probably you are not good at playing, it’s a period, it’s normal.
It’s not normal.
I accept it as long as I will not be tired of losing battles, okay, but I cannot understand this defence at all cost of something that’s obviously somehow related to money spent.


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I try not to think about JWA arena conspiracy theories but I swear my RNG luck alternates between good and bad everyday. One day I win the majority of my matches, the next day I’m losing almost every one to failed stuns and pure bologna

It’s the same for me, although one day I win almost everything and 5 days I lose everything.
It’s already not funny to face almost always better dinosaurs than yours, let’s not talk bout a persistent state of “bad luck”.

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Without any proper statistics to back up your claim, your whole post is nothing more than a gut feeling, which is accelerated when you have a couple of losses in a row.
Some days luck is with you, some days it’s not, but a rigged game… Come on, there is absolutely no reason any programmer would bother with something so far fetched as that.

a. 50 fights no crit damage from my side. Enemy’s Serveral crits in single games.

b. Velociraptor in Event towers - indo fusing only 10‘s 5 times in a row

c. Rewarded for fights with a 12h incubators - game changes it to 15 min incubator (you can see the the Real rewarded 12h icubator for an second, game is lagging because of a belatedly added algorithm and changes it to a low one)

d. 7 days in a row with 0-1 epic Dino spawn. 5h online time and 15-20km traveling distance per day.
Bought the 100€ package - trex spawned instant in front of me, following days 8 epic Dino’s per Day.

e. To open incubators doesn’t count to daily mission if you dont have opened the daily mission screen first. Overall all players this are thousands of don’t counting incubators, paired with the rigged matchmaking this is forcing some players to buy incubators.

This game is 100% rigged!


a. Unlucky. I have no explanation but it is also possible to toss heads on a coin 50 times in a row. Not saying it’s likely, but not impossible. This would otherwise mean that your specific user is targeted by losing algorithms, and other players are targeted by winning algorithms. Why this would be the case, I cannot think of any reason.
b. Everyone has this, 10% is the most common occurence with almost a 50% chance of happening. Get used to it.
c. This is just a visual glitch. The 12h one is the default graphic when it’s still loading in the 15min one. Rewards are on a rotation. 8h, 3h, 15m, 3h, 3h -> repeat. Sometimes the 8h is 12h or 24h. This is NEVER different.
d. It happens. To me too. Epics are rare, maybe certain days they are even less common than other days. That doesn’t mean YOU don’t get the spawns. This would be the same chance for everyone.
e. That’s a bug. Just open the screen first. Matchmaking is also not rigged, it’s just not optimal. Rigged means they deliberately favor certain players. It’s just not optimal, and it might contain bugs.

The game might be bugged, but it’s not rigged. No one would benefit from that.

I do know what I’m talking about btw. I have no reason to suck up to Ludia. I have complaints too. But I’m staying reasonable and friendly, and don’t let gut feelings interfere with logic.

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There is no reason for a programmer to rig a game?



Most of Ludia’s profitable games are gambling style games.

JWA is a gambling style game. It’s entirely based on chance.

You don’t get to pick your dinos. You don’t pick your opponent. You don’t pick your opponents dinos. Add in crits… it’s all about chance.

Now, throw in a losing streak. You feel not worthy, your team needs to be stronger. Hey look! An incubator sale, a BOOST sale! That’ll get my team up to par!

Win streak, losing streak… this feeds the urge to buy.

Tell me again how there is “absolutely no reason any programmer would bother with something so far fetched as that.”

I’m sorry, but there are many reasons $$$$$ to program like that.



Read some Glassdoor reviews of Ludia. Former employees tell tales of this exact scenario, and why they quit. They are forced to program taking advantage of people’s addictive behaviors for profit, and they don’t like doing it.


I completely agree with your post. I never said anything about the absence of chance in the game. I know that it’s there and I know that many aspects in the game are based on chance and to lure people into buying things. Of course this is how it works and that’s no secret to anyone, nor does anyone deny it.
The claim however, that the game is RIGGED, and that specific people are targeted to lose more often than others, is a very bold claim and I don’t see how this would benefit anyone.

I believe the OP is not native English speaking, and some aspects were lost in translation.

We all know there are win streaks and losing streaks, I believe this is the OP’s message.

That said, it would be no big deal to program RNG to favor those who pay to play vs those who are free to play. There is no denying how easy this would be. Matchmaking is based on “Chance”, yet there is criteria for who gets what.

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Changed my team to 4x Lvl10 Dino’s and 4x lvl22-24 uniques.

Guess what the game decides to give me alle the time. Every time!

3x lvl 10 1x unique - it so obvious rigged. Don’t tell me something about bad luck. That’s bogus. There is a system behind that.

Update: 3 more fight
Everytime: 3x lvl10 1xunique

This is not bad luck.

It is possible there is some sort of system that influences the random dino picker based on which dinos are in your team. It is possible that lower level dinos are favored in your team when you for example face an opponent stronger than you. Lots of logic like this could be in the game, but it’s too complicated to draw conclusions when there is a random factor involved.
Sometimes I have the feeling that I keep getting my worst dino in my team all the time, but then I don’t for a couple of times and it evens it out.

Either way, when an automated system gives you a bad team, the exact same should be happening to many other people too. If everyone gets the same, what’s the problem?

Is anyone willing to do 100 matches and write down which dinos were chosen every single time, so we have some form of statistical evidence to back up these claims? Because 6 matches is not really proof. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to complain about dinos that are chosen by the CPU, mine are all very similar in level and so it makes me no particular difference in having one or another.

What I really complain about are C-D-S = critical hits, dodging, stunning.

Here is a very small statistic of the last 2 days. I have not considered critical hits because they almost didn’t show up for me or the opponent.

Opponents: 19 cases - 15 stun / 4 don’t
Me: 9 cases - 6 stun / 3 don’t

Me: 5 cases - 1 dodged / 4 no
Opponents never used dodging skills.

13 battles - 4 victories / 9 defeats

Of course a statistic on barely 13 battles is too few to judge, but I can assure this is quite normal for me.
Anyway I will continue to keep track of all this factors for at least a month and then be back with results.