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Losing all my battles

Since the update, I cannot win any battles. I went from 3929 trophies to 3612 trophies in like 15 lost battles.


Exact same problem with me!

I’m glad I am not the only one, it does put a damper on the game for me and I am losing my love of the game because of that!

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To be honest, you are being relocated into the correct arena. If you boost correctly (if at all) your battles should show that. Give it time, the game is readjusting to the new system. It does suck to lose a bunch, I know


That is happening to my second non boosted account. I’m fighting AI and he/she means business, losing 20 trophies each time!

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ueah my 2nd account HATES the ai battles

Just horrible and disgusting because they took out the boost points from my dinosaurs and now I lose every battle as well. I am done giving money to them. The game should be fun, but instead Ludia every single time they update they mess up so I think if they don’t return the old boost system I am dropping the game, because I honestly had enough!!! Some people paid to get these boosts and suddenly Ludia decides to drop them!!! To me that is cheating! So if they don’t bring the old system back, I am out forever. Second the dinosaurs I have on my map are much less after this dreadful update. I am really serious if you don’t make the game fun again I am out for good.

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I get the relocating to another arena thank you for that!

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I am running unboosted for at least a few weeks to settle upon my Team and have found that I can stay in the Library so far after about 30-40 battles. Only down 100 trophies.

I like the new boost schedule. Equal cost per boost, can only boost 2/3 of max slots per Dino so somewhere - health, attack, speed - you have to chose where to compromise.

Better system but a learning curve and so great that it expands the number of workable Dino’s.


In my second account, non boosted, I was in low Aviary, lost a couple of fights, back to Lockwood Estate, since then stuck to fighting AI. I’m now battling AI in Jurassic Ruins, missing human opponents!!!

“Bring back the old, broken system so I can win a few battles right now!”

It’s the second day. Things will even out. You still have your boosts and you can still spend them.


How do you know you are battling AI. I have a feeling I do sometimes but not that often.

Because I’m losing “only” 20 trophies each time!

Yup. Me too. 4002 down to 3470! I am not getting fair matches. My dinos are lv16-18. With one Lv.21. ALL my matches are against lv.21-lv23! even now that I have dropped down 2 yes 2 arenas I am still getting matched with lv20+. ???

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They robbed us on the boosts!
I think. They should have just made boosts an item that u can activate to boost your entire team or single dino for a set amount of time or set amount of matches.

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No they didn’t. You still have all your boosts. In fact, you have more than what you were supposed to have, because they gave us a free multiplier.

What free multiplier? And no I don’t. I had a significant amount of dinos boosted in all 3 areas. Now I can only boost a few. Its NOT THE SAME.

Since everything is 100 it’s not possible to boost your dinos back to what I had beforre

This is exactly my thought. I went from 5200 to 5700 since this launch. People are getting to the arena they belong; as much as it sucks, but they shouldn’t have been there to begin with.

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And they are not in the list of recent opponents!