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Losing Badges

Quick one- can you lose a badge if you lose the dinos associated with earning it? I think the answer is no, but I have a dakoderma and will have another level 40 dakosaurus and level 40 psephoderma soon. Not sure why I am missing that badge unless I lost it when I made the hybrid?


I have experienced that I have lost them. I know that when I made the Smithetoceras and no longer had a level 40 Smilodon, I lost the “Ferocious Combination” badge.


Yes, you lose this badge when you create this hybrid.

You gain back any badges affiliated with a certain dino when you hatch a replacement. For this reason, I prefer to hatch an additional dino of each species being fused before I go ahead and fuse them. Hope that helps.


Thanks. Just wanted to make sure…

I don’t think this is right.

I just checked the 5 x 40 Cenozoic badge I had. I only have 2 x 40 due to making hybrids but I still have the badge.

I think of you haven’t completed a badge the Dino you use gets unmarked. But if you have completed the whole badge you keep ot


Yes, that’s my experience as well, that once you totally complete a badge, it stays that way even if for whatever reason, the dinos used for it are lost. The issue is only when you had some of the dinos for the badge marked off, but then in the process of fusing them to make the hybrid, you lose those and so the badge won’t be filled out. I’m in that position myself right now with the badge for my Yudon, so have to hatch out an additional copy of the Yuty and Trodon to complete it.

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