Losing battles…constantly

Hello Ludia, i have been playing some online matches in JWA and it seems as though the game hates me because whenever I try to use Dodge or Cloak with one of my Dinosaurs/Hybrids, all of my opponents go through the Dodge/Cloak. And I do know that the Dodge/Cloak abilities have a “75% chance to Dodge 66.7% of damage for 1 attack, lasting 1 turn.” - Indoraptor gen 2 Cautious Strike ability. This problem occurs in every single live match that I have done. If proof needed, I will provide. Please help me.

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Hey @Baryonyx3557, Sounds like a case of “bad rng.” You can always try restarting your phone or clearing your cache.


How would that do anything to help luck issues

Does it not reset rng?


Scratch what I said about restarting your device to reset rng. It in fact is NOT affected by restarting the device. :sob:

Good luck :t_rex:


Are you saying indoraptor Gen 2 keeps going through your cloak?

Unfortunately, it’s just bad luck.

My friend has the same exact same problem - his Indominus’ cloak rarely ever works twice, even with the 75% chance to dodge. Meanwhile, I’ve watched his opponent manage to miss dodge 5+ times during one match.

If you’ve had a good run of more wins than losses, you will always find a run more losses than wins quickly follows.

People may think it’s skill, or lack of skill etc…. But the bottom line is that it balances out wherever you are in the arena.

So you either find that rng will select your weakest team after a good run or rng will favour your opponent. Don’t worry though - you’ll soon find you are on a win streak again before long.

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@ChickenR3X , no. I am saying that whenever I use Cloak or Dodge my opponents somehow are able to go through every single time which is causing me a bunch of losses. I was at 2779 cups, and now i’m at 2626.

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If they have Resilient attacks (and lots do) they do indeed overcome dodge and cloak effects. Maybe mix your team up a bit and try creatures that don’t rely on dodge effects so much.

I do know about resilient creatures and precise attacks, it is the ones that aren’t that annoy me and cause me to lose.

Uhm… I have to ask. What made you think it would?

pokemon and shinies

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Have you actually played Jurassic World Alive?
The rng is 2 totally different scenarios. Pokemon you are rerolling each time you reset… you cant reroll odds in the middle of a live battle in JWA

Relax, I was already told I was wrong and rescinded my comment.


I am relaxed. I’m asking a genuine question.
I simply asked if youve ever played. Because one would think that support agents have played the game they are providing support for, to provide the best support for its players. If you havent ever played, the confusion makes total sense.

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The only cache Ludia wants you to clear is from your checking account for overpriced bundles.


I answered that question last week, but I’ll be happy to let you know again, that I do play the game.

Implying I’m not providing the best support because I made a mistake is uncalled for and hardly “relaxed.”

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I never implied you didnt play the game because you made a mistake. I implied you didnt play the game because of your clear lack of understanding of the game and its mechanics. There is certainly a difference. A “support” member, should be just as, if not MORE knowledgeable about these mechanics then at least the average player. Plain and simple.

Im also certain this will get flagged and I’ll be subsequently banned, because thats the trend here in forum land, however, i want it noted that nothing I said has been rude in anyway. However your last message is VERY rude, and something that would get most forum users banned, should they ever talk to you like that. So hope you take thst into consideration.