Losing battles out of the blue


Don’t know if anybody else has experienced this one minute your 1 for 1 in a battle the next minute it comes up your opponent has one the whole thing happened a few times now getting a bit frustrating


Yeah, this bug has come up before. Ludia seemingly isn’t willing to fix it, either despite their “we’re looking into it” auto-replies when it’s been reported.

Just keep plugging away. As far as I can tell, the glitch doesn’t hit all the time, it’s completely random.

And if you want to have a bit of fun with your opponents once in a while - to keep them guessing - rotate your team dinos maybe every five battles or so. I love doing that, and with the Swap In Abilities that the update gave us, it’s even more fun!


Just had a new glitch wasn’t even battling was scanning the map looking for anything interesting in my area and opponent wins flashes up and I lose 31 off my trophies so well done whoever beat me it was 3 to 2 aswell looks like I missed out on a stormer :joy: