Losing battles to glitches


I just lost a battle and trophies because of a glitch that would not let me pick my next move. This is crazy and it needs fixed.

Battle Freeze or Bug

Just got beaten by “OPPONENT NAME” twice in a row in Badlands. If this is a bot, remove it from play. If it’s a glitch, fix it. It’s not rocket surgery, Ludia.


I should also mention that it freezes me out of the match totally. Can’t select dino, can’t see what’s going on. When I am able to get back in, it says I’ve lost to "OPPONENT NAME ".


That’s crazy! I hope they fix this glitch soon. I’ve lost lots of trophies before the update also


Don’t rightly know if it’s a glitch or a bot that’s gone all SKYNET…


Yesterday I started a battle. I was shown the “waiting for opponent for 2min countdown”
It coy red right down to 0 then froze. I closed the game and restarted, only to be put into a battle I had lost 2 dinos and saw the final dino take a death blow…


I agree that it needs to be fixed. It’s happened to me a bunch of times. However, it’s also possible that it’s due to your internet connection not being so great in those particular moments for whatever reason and it affects the battle which sucks.


While that is one of many possibilities, in my case (stable high-speed broadband wifi) it isn’t that. The fact that it happens on mobile data as well as on stable Wi-Fi points to three possibilities:

A rogue bot, a glitch in the game that causes a random crash, or series of crashes - or the least likely scenario, but also possible - a hacker using an exploit to mess with the game.


Happens to me at least once a day - cost me alot of matches.


That happened to me too. I exit the app (I don’t swipe it out, just exit) and go back in. This normally fixes it. Try this, it always works for me!


I’ve had two battles today and both have frozen.


Hi, sometimes clicking the swap dino icon to bring up your other dinos then clicking it again to dismiss it will bring back the icons, although some times smaller and fainter than normal


Happened to me yeasterday evening too.


This happens alot to me, unable to select an attack. This is pretty frustrating especially in close matches. Same goes for the battle not even loading, game stay stuck on “looking for opponent” timer runs down then just stays at 0:00. Game remains unresponsive. After restarting u get the message “opponent won”. Please fix this it takes the fun out of battles


Hey Danelle919, I’m sorry to hear that this happened in battle and I understand it’s frustrating but our team is aware of the issue and they’re looking into it. Force closing the app and relaunching it should fix this at the moment. However, contact our team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and any other information you have to assist them with the investigation.


I guess ludia needs to fix the battle bugs, sometimes i just cant select and action but to watch my dinos die. Happend to me and others… i hope theyre fixing that :frowning_face:


@Huz there is no swap option at bottom either, everything disappears


Total game freeze and loss of battle has been happening to me a lot since the emergency update on the Apple version of the game for me.


Yes. That happened to me too.