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Losing battles without losing


Once again I have started losing battles that I am winning with only one dino dead. This is ridiculous.


Hello, @DevastPrime, this can happen when you’re unable to maintain a strong connection to the battles. We recommend that our players have a stable internet connection and enough internal memory available on their device. If this continues to happen, though, contact us at and include your support key in the email so we can take a closer look at things on our end.


When it happens restart your game ASAP and you will be back in the battle where you left off.


Not sure if this is related but I just won a battle and got an all reward slots are full but 2 are actually empty.


Sometimes it happens to me too, few hours ago it happened while i was really dominating the fight (2-0 and i was ready the next move to finish 3-0, dragoceratops duh :slight_smile: )… i was home with a good internet (online playing PS4 almost never a prob) and on my second phone (lots of free memory)


The worst thing is when that happens when you’re already in a losing streak… Happened to me yesterday :triumph:


Happens, but rarely… Has only happened to me twice and have been playing the game almost since launch…