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Losing characters?

I’m really sorry for asking, but am I the only one who lost a bunch of characters all of the sudden?

What do you mean you lost them? If you don’t reply for a few days or so then they will unmatch with you if the conversation was still going. If they went away for a while it means you’ve reached the end of the content that has been released for them thus far but they’ll be back eventually.

If you ever unmatch with someone you can rematch with them you can resume the story where you left off.

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Thank you so much for the answer, but that seems a little unfair to me, I was trying to save up diamonds… I even used real money to get diamonds, and when I have used them, I tried saving op for the things I wanted to answer and pictures I wanted… so I get punished for giving them money and playing the game… just because that I was saving op diamonds? and I didn’t really get diamonds for anything and it takes like a week or something to save up for one answer… that is like what 150 or something…? And I really thought the game was fun to play… but this really ruined it for me… but thanks for the answer.

The unmatching mechanic after you don’t respond for a few days to active conversations is meant to emulate real life where someone might unmatch with you if you don’t reply after a while, but I definitely get the frustration there if you are trying not to spend money. Its definitely tough for the one who are trying to go the FTP route since you’re on a timer if you want to choose premium options for a character.

Yeah I get the idea of that, and that’s cool… but seriously unfair, I didn’t even know that they did that, because then I would have taken on one at a time and not a bunch… but then again I wouldn’t have got enough diamonds to do that ether though… oh and sorry for bothering you with this, but thanks for answering my questions :blush: That helped a lot.

No worries! Sorry for the frustration. It’s tough when the amount of diamonds you can get back for free is so small too. Good luck though with saving up if you’re still going to keep trying!