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Losing Clan energy from a loading inside alpha battle

Hi, i lose 1 of my clan energy during a fight with BwB.
i had 3/3 clan energy when the alpha spawns.
played once, okay.

2nd battle, when the counter reached 0, i got this weird loading like the start of another battle

i got the 2nd battle result screen

voila my 3rd clan energy is gone by itself

i already had an open ticket regarding other matters, and had yet to hear from the support.

  1. they promised me 2 keys and 20 eggs for the duties don’t track bug and not received it yet
  2. i got as far as my clanmate and he got 1800 toothless TP, and i got 1050, so how it’s counted is a mystery to me

hope you guys can solve this immediately.



I had this issue twice yesterday with a red Alpha (I forget it’s name, maybe Violent Death?). Each time I lost my next 2 clan energy after the game ended with a reloading error during my first turn. Weirdly today I have only earned a single clan energy allotment.

Been having this same problem for days :frowning:


@Plinke Hey, didn’t this just happen to you? :eyes::thinking::grin:

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Yeah it did but not in this way. My game stopped when it was loading and I lost that one energy

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Same happened to me…so annoying …

Yeah, the same happened to me!

Hey Vikings, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can try and make this right for you? Thanks!

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