Losing clan points?

Hi, so after today’s alpha battle I couldn’t help but notice that two of my clan members had suddenly lost all of their points. I tried to restart my game thinking it might just be a visual bug, but after the restart it still shows them as having no points. I am unable to tell if the missing points have been subtracted from our clan total or not.

Has this happened to anyone else/any other clan?

My guess is that it’s either a bug… Or clan points from more than a certain amount days ago are automatically removed in order to make the clan leader board only reflect the most recent battles.

It happened to me too, I had 1160 keys, and after the battle it became 1026, a cool bug and a chest as it was the 1st level remained.

Hi guys, has anyone found out why points suddenly get missing? This has happened to me already three times and I cannot do anything against it if I don’t know why it is happening and yes it is affecting the clan’s overall points.

Either it‘s a bug or you didn‘t participate in the last 5 Alpha battles - if you are inactive for too long they will vanish which is pretty good for Clan leaders to sort out inactive members.
And of course you‘ll start with 0 points if you enter a new clan.

The amount of points belongs to the damage you are dealing to the Alpha and which level the Alpha was (stronger Alpha = more points). So if you are doing very well in a fight you‘ll get more points and if you can‘t deal as much damage as before you will lose some points.
At least that is what I experienced.

Thanks Bee, I have figured it out!

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