Losing even when I win

I have had this happen a couple times. Just now, I was in a battle. I had taken two of my opponent’s dinos. He had taken one of mine. So, it was 2-1, my favor. On the next turn, I was against a low-health dino with no instant moves or swap moves. I chose my move, the animation started, and I was certain to win. All of a sudden, before any move played out, the battle flashed off and the words “Opponent wins!” flew across the screen. Even more confusing, the game recorded that my opponent won with 3 while I only took 1 of their dinos.

I mean, what gives? I’m assuming this is some kind of sync error. But it’s incredibly frustrating. I am trying to get to the next arena against pretty difficult players. This kind of robery is a waste.

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