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Losing game progress?!

I was logged out of the game midst playing, and when restarted it wanted me to choose to login using facebook, Google play or as a guest. So far so good. But I accidently pressed Guest, even though my account is connected to Google. Tried to close game and restart but now it remembers my last choice. Noice that I cant switch account until I finish the tuturial, so I finish that and when trying to change to my Google account I get the information that the last playing time on that account is June 3rd - even though I’ve played quite a bit on the 4th and 5th… I’m struggeling enough geting the dna I need, is there a way geting this solved?

Hey asoder, was your original account connected to your Facebook instead? Try reconnecting to Facebook in your in-game Settings menu and see if that helps.

If you’re still having issues, contact our support team here at, and our team could try and assist you further. Please also include the support key from our old and new game in your email, as it’d be really helpful for our team.


No my original account is connected to Google, and it seems to be “almost” correct with level etc. But, it says in the popup that “last logged time” is two days ago. I have a print screen, but dont know if Im suppose to attach the costumer support keys here or not?

If you send the screenshot over to our support team, they would be able to take a closer look at this for you. :smiley:

Done, thank you

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