Losing interest in the game

Hi Ludia,

I have played this game for a couple of months now and I loved it. I introduced it to four of my friends and when clans were introduced I have never been happier. Joined one wonderful clan and we help each other a lot.
But every update since made the game worse. Not only are the chances of getting a strong dragon laughably low (I am lvl 33 now and never got a single 5* dragon after a lot of drafts/breeding/chest). It takes ages to breed. And now, after last update, runes are nowhere to be found. First they were in exploring, but there are now trustpoints and so they were moved to Alpha chest, where they also just disappeared… so the only way to speed the enormous amount of time up is also gone.

Thanks a lot for the update, but how stronger we get, the more boring the game gets… And it’s not only me who complains… my whole clan is talking about quitting or stop putting money in it, because there is no reward and no motivation to continue.


I don’t feel like a VIP anymore, and I will stop my monthly subscribe until it is worth it again.


Absolutely agree. There is way more effort needed to be put into the game, but no satisfying rewards. Losing all motivation and don’t really want to pay for a game that gets worse after every “update”. Please listen to your players carefully, at the end of the day, they’re the ones paying!
I would happily continue my subscription if you didn’t get rid of rune rewards, upped the difficulty of duties so intensely and actually fixed your bugs! There is not only one person complaining or unsatisfied. It’s the majority of your paying players.



I Feel pretty much the same. Old Bugs still exist and with new Updates new Bugs occure.

If I would not have been extremely Lucky with my drafts I would have nothing to do or no Dragon to train.


Same here…

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i totally made the same point yesterday.

its not even the updates. the way the game is structured, there’s almost zero point in leveling up more 3 star dragons and i cant seem to breed any 4 star dragons. (4* + 3* has equaled 2* for like 3 weeks now) i dont think im particularly unlucky judging by the people i know who started playing. of those people, im the only one left… and thats ONLY really cause i love httyd.

…and you need like multiple of each with no real way of selecting. its maddening.

i used to be stoked when i got some actions… now its like… if im in a line or waiting on something, ill use them. otherwise, they sit there.

its just mad boring at this point.

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Everyone cancelling subs. All do it. This has really annoyed everyone. Change this back in the next few days because most people will quickly disappear. I thought the sub was overpriced anyway but I did it. Now I feel robbed!!!


As a clan leader, I feel very let down that my clan mates are feeling demoralized by the sudden loss of runes from alpha chests and the decreased rewards. If you’re going to make something harder, at least give rewards worthy of the effort put in. All that effort for 10 skullcrusher points, less runes and less scales than before? This makes absolutely no sense and will have a detrimental impact to the game. If you were to keep our sources of runes the same or increase it but provide more bundles to spend runes on, I guarantee people will end up buying runes to gain the value. Right now I feel like cancelling my subscription as I’m barely getting anything out of it now. Since I can’t open as many chests anymore, I’m getting less points in general which means it would take longer as well to get it.


The game isn’t even complete yet, no arena. And that alone will draw a lot of the leaver to come back. The true Vikings will stay strong





I’ve started this game approximately 2 months ago and while I am not the biggest fan of these kind of games, I actually enjoyed it purely because of my love for HTTYD.
It was fairly balanced in the sense that you can level up and grind at a fairly nice pace, didn’t feel burnt out or anything, and I was actually able to get some of my friends in the game. But now, with this new update, my friends actually quit because they’re not high enough level to be in top clans that can take down 7 stars alphas or above. They’re fairly new and this new update has actually killed their will to play, so I guess thank you Devs for basically ruining fun and driving away people. Runes weren’t that common to come by, and the drafts are just gambles that aren’t really worth it. The only way to actually advance in this game is by being in a clan that can get you level 7 alpha chests (for the 4 star dragons) but now they took away runes from that too so now new people do not have any way to advance and play this game without spending money.
This was the Devs’ goal all along, to make people pay more money to their game that is full of bugs, but what they don’t realize is that people will just leave because frankly, the game is just way too buggy.
We never asked for the runes to be taken out, it wasn’t an absurd amount of runes either but it at least paid for speeding up breeding (which frankly was really not really rewarding at all, spending 16k to 20k fish and wait 16-20 hours to get a 2 stars dragon) or restarting the Events for the dragons.
It took me over a month to get 4k runes to do a 4k draft in the hopes of getting a 4 star or 5 star dragon and I don’t think that waiting a month for that is a short time. Some people don’t even have the time to do that, they’ll quit way before that.
I don’t think an Arena PVP mode will bring anyone back. It’s simply not that interesting when they can go play other games.
I like supporting games that are actually well balanced and not money hungry. I was considering even paying 10 dollars for the VIP monthly subscription but not anymore because of what they just did to the game.
Maybe they will actually listen to us and revert the runes changes so people can actually grow again without having to spend money purposely and instead choose to support the game willingly.
It’s pretty scummy what they did to the duty and alpha chests without saying literally anything. Nerfing runes income and taking away energy completely from duty chests while making duties way way harder (literally more effort for almost no reward) and taking away runes from the alpha chests is gonna drive away a lot of people from their game and last time I looked, the game population isn’t that healthy to sustain what the update just did. :woman_shrugging:
In the end, they didn’t achieve what they wanted, instead it actually back fired on them.