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Losing interest

Hello guys,
I know it has been said and resaid but this time I really don t understand the change in the game.
The stat boost really was a mistake. I ve never seen a such unbalanced game before. This completely killed the arena. I don’t understand what they were expecting with such a change.
I won t quit the game but I simply lost my interest because I don’t see the point of being more involved because it s not about dedication and patience anymore.
I know Ludia tried to make us happy but in my opinion they messed up their game. Mistakes can happen but this one will be very hard to erase.
Do you guys agree ans if so what do you think should be done to repair the game balance.


They should probably remove stat boost for now and rework a whole new (and balanced) system to implement them. With boost cap PER DINO and not per stat, in order to create diversity in the meta. And not with such impact on numbers (+50% health/damage and + 100 speed are huge numbers).
For example: +3 speed or 2.5% for health/damage each tier of stat boost for a max of 10 boost (per dino), with stat boost achievable with some sort of grinding in progression (with dna for example)
This could be an idea, but the main factor to me is a cap boost per dino and not per stat


Totally agree with you

I haven’t won a battle since the boost upgrade. It literally takes any skill out of the game. It was a bad move i.m.o.