Losing sucks

So Ive been playing JWA casually, and I’ve paid my dues, tried my best with what I have to level up what I think were good creatures for my team, then when I finally get to level them and boost them properly, turns out they were all garbage, so what does someone like me do when I cant make or even try to go after meta creatures, like arcto, hydro, and etc etc…

Ive lost 10 times in a row and counting, im in library now and was in gyro fro a short while , now I’m at 5121 points. dont know what to do anymore, shouldnt i just stop caring?

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Without a doubt you should stop caring because it will ruin your experience if you don’t.

There are different categories which we all fit in and eventually we end up where we should be. When you have a run that artificially elevates your standing, you’ll have another run that puts you back where you should be. Then it goes back to the 50/50 win loss ratio again. When you get to use a boost or two and level up one or two dinos you’ll get to move up a little bit again.

Casual players like yourself find aspects of the game that keep them wanting to play. Getting a higher arena score every month isn’t one of them once you hit 5000+ as it certainly isn’t an easy ride. It took me over a year to move from 5000 to 5500 and I’m struggling to stay in Gyro now.

Once you reach a good level on a dino, the meta have changed.

Always stressed :wave: , always out of position.

This is why most players quit the game.

J’oscille entre 4500 et 4650. Je combats 8 fois sur 10 des dinosaures supérieurs en rareté et en niveau. Je suis conscient que mon équipe a atteint son maximum de compétences (2 légendaires lvl 18 et 21, 5 épiques (4 lvl 21 et 1 lvl 20) et 1 rare lvl 21).
Cela me permet d’observer ces dinos et de faire des choix pour mes quêtes de plus puissants (par exemple je bats la plupart du temps indoraptor pour un moindre mal donc je ne le débloque pas).
Mais cette quête est très longue malgré un abonnement et beaucoup de marche.
Le jeu des boosts est intéressant (même si cela dénature le jeu) mais combien de temps avant d’atteindre le niveau de certains (en années) sans les acheter ?

Translated from French

I oscillate between 4500 and 4650. I fight 8 times out of 10 dinosaurs superior in rarity and level. I am aware that my team has reached its maximum skills (2 legendary lvl 18 and 21, 5 epic (4 lvl 21 and 1 lvl 20) and 1 rare lvl 21).
This allows me to observe these dinos and make choices for my more powerful quests (for example I beat Indoraptor most of the time for a lesser evil so I don’t unlock it).
But this quest is very long despite a subscription and a lot of walking.
The game of boosts is interesting (even if it distorts the game) but how long before reaching the level of some (in years) without buying them?

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When I started playing this game Aviary was the highest arena achievable and level 26 the highest creature level. Now I’m stuck in library /gyro limbo for two years and have a level 30 team. I went beyond what I thought was achievable when I started and I’ll just be happy with that.

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