"Losing too often, go out and grab more DNA"


I love that phrase after you lose a battle. Even when I go out to grab more DNA which I do everyday not once a day but more like 3/4 x’s a day & not for 10 mins or even 30 mins. to get the DNA for the dinos I need but they are no where to be found. I travel roughly 30/40 miles south & north from where I live + I even go east & west to see if I can possible find DNA for even 1 dino that I need & nothing. I make my son go out of the way if I see an epic in the distant but it’s a dino that doesn’t help with any of the ones I need. I do grab the DNA for it but I’m wasting my time & gas on that dino when I don’t use it. I don’t battle for days just because I know it’s no use since I know I’ll lose but after 2/3 days I’ll try & I just keep going down in pts. I just wish Ludia could do more for people who don’t live in the big cities where there are more of a variety of different dinos. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing though & keep on grabbing DNA for all the dinos I see, wasting coins on evolving dinos that don’t matter just to see if those dinos will be a surprise when it comes to battling. I’m just so so frustrated but it doesn’t stop me from playing everyday :grin: :sob:


Try noting when epics spawn it’s not the same time every day but if an epic spawned near me and it’s a global have noticed they spawn at same time in nearby locales (see metahub.info for more detailed breakdown of locales). After school hours 3pm to about 6pm(Australia time) seems to be best time for epics for me anyway. The non global epics are much harder as they spawn way less and when one pops out there’s not likely another around. Other than that sat and Sunday always sees epics spawn all day for the weekend event at parks and the strike events have a small chance of giving epic DNA. Good luck and happy hunting :grinning:


Personally, I am happy just having the possibility to run incubators all the time. My best trophies were 3.5xx and now I am stuck at an average of 3.3xx, some wins, some losses.
I experienced that, as many games usually do, the first battles we climb fast, then it is a slowly climbing, unless you want to run for the top and invest lot of time / money.
Some people, also me, noticed that maybe fight in different hours of the day helps you to encounter different opponents and so maybe have some easy wins.


Why bother hunting DNA when there’s hackers?


i mean if going out and grabbing more DNA isn’t working, maybe try not going out and not grabbing more DNA? what do you want it to say?


I feel you! I’ve been trying to level up my dinos, but ever since the update I’ve been struggling to find most of the dinos I need! Seriously, I haven’t seen a euoplocephalus in 3 days. Where are they hiding? :sweat_smile:


Getting more DNA only works if level matters. The problem I see is losing WAY too many times to Dinos that are 5+ levels below me. Not really sure what they did to the math but this is crazy


Maybe you’re just not good at battling? Level certainly matters. A lot.


You can’t go out looking for specific Dino DNA. Sometimes certain ones just don’t appear for weeks. Just get the best of whatever Is out there.

I want a Rajasauris and it’s hybrids but am still stuck at level 13. But I got a Stegodeus which happened to have plentiful base Dino DNA everywhere.